fredag 5. desember 2008

My Christmas-flowers - Amaryllis:)

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Rune sa...

Nydelige blomster du har avbildet her :o) God helg!

Torsdag sa...

Hallo Pernille,

wunderful flower what we all call "AMARYLLIS".
But botanical it is "HIPPEASTRUM".

The Amaryllis is an original monotypic genus of plant known as the Belladonna Lilly from South Africa, in the USA they call that plant "Naked ladies". They start flowering without producing leaves, that is common to hippeastrum. The big difference is - hippeastrum has a hole in the pedicel.
There is a place with hundreds
of wild growing "Naked Ladies" at the californian coast and that started my interest and that's wy I know about the plants.
Thanks for this nice inspiration, it is the right time to post about the place and the plants next week.

... and we all call your flowers AMARYLLIS further on and tell this story while we have a cup of tea.

End of the story
Hilser Hartmut

Anne-Berit sa...

Du,disse bildene dine blir bare bedre og bedre.Nydelige blomster,amaryllisen er juleblomsten fremfor noen synes no jeg.Ha en fin dag,klem fra meg!

Arija sa...

Beautiful Photos of your Hyppeastrum. It is amazing that they flower in your winter indoors and at the same time in our summer at present outdoors. The same with the Christmas cactus which flowers for Christmas no matter where you are.

John sa...

Disse to vare meget bra Pernille.

ANNA-LYS sa...

Åhhhh så vacker den vita är!!!

(( kram ))