tirsdag 14. februar 2012

Happy Valentine day:)

Jeg skipper sjokoladen i dag da jeg falt for denne søte eplen;) Den hadde kanskje pynta seg til Valentines day;)
 Valentines day feirer jeg med å fortelle hva jeg elsker mest her i verden:) Og det er min fantastiske datter og mitt hærlige barnebarn:) De er de største diamantene som finnes på jord for meg:)
Her er min hjerteprins og barnebarn Leo på Juhls sølvsmie da han var på besøk hos oss i Kautokeino:)
 Og så elsker jeg drømmeprinsen min, Mathis:) Hærligere mann skal en lete lenge etter:)
Jeg elsker sååå mye annet også, naturen, mine venner, kultur, reiser osv osv. Men her et bilde fra en av mine yndlingsplasser når jeg kjører nedover til Mo i Rana. Alltid stopper jeg her på min reise på 96 mil en vei;)) Ha en fantastisk Valentines day, mine venner:)

mandag 13. februar 2012

Some photos from my new life in Kautokeino

Some of you have probably seen those photos before at my facebook. But this is my photos from my new life up north. This photo show a littlebit of my new village, Kautokeino in Finnmark, North of Norway. The nearest building is Juhls' silvergallery and my village behind. I do love to live here in this beautiful village:) I moved up here last April, but I have lived her now and then sice oktober/november 2010. 

 This is me and a cute reindeer called "Prikken" He's just a baby, but he soon will be big and strong. I do love reindeer:))
 Here's a photo fram "Children's day"  and I can promise you that the children had fun....and I had to be there and shoot some photos;)
 Last birthday my daughter and grandson came visiting me:) While their stay we had to visite some reindeer. It was very cold outside. The temperature was -29 belowe zero, but it was fun:) Leo, my grandshild had big big eyes when he saw all the reindeer:))
It was a very nice day and many many reindeer. So you may be able to understand that I love to live in such wonderful place:)) Have a nice day:))

søndag 12. februar 2012

Happy Mother's day

I'm back...I think;) And the first thing I have to do is to tell all the wonderful mummy in Norway: Happy Mother's day:)
This photo is from my last birthday. I was so lucky that my daughter and grandson came visiting me here in Kautokeino. And when I had birthday they was baking cupcakes and they was very tasty:)) Today I miss my daughter and grandson very much. I do love them so much, but I can phone them and hear their lovely voice:))
See you soon with photos from my new life in Kautokeino:)

mandag 12. april 2010

Happy birthday to our Lucky:) And the spring is here;)

Today our dear dog Lucky are 4 year:) Happy birthday our prince of heart:) This photo are 3-4 weeks old, but I love it:)
This is some of my town, yesterday. If you know where I live you can see it now;) The spring is here, but we still have a lot of snow:))

fredag 26. februar 2010

Have a very nice weekend, my friends:)

Just some photos from my last week. Saturday I'm going to the mountain and hopefully I get some nice photos:) Have fun and enjoy life:))

Photo nr 2 (me and Leo) is a photo taken by Anne-Berit

søndag 14. februar 2010

Happy Valentine and Happy Mother's day

Happy Valentine's day to all of my dear friends:) Happy Mothers day to all wonderful mums out there and Happy Birthday, Lene:))
I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful grandchild. Leo is smiling the whole day and he is my Prince of Heart :)
And my daughter HC is a grown up women! I'm lucky to be her mum! She has become a beautiful and a kind lady! She is the Queen of my Heart:)
Here I have some fun taking a siluett-photo of them:)
Have a wonderful Valentines day, my dear friend's. I do love you all:))

fredag 12. februar 2010

Just some photo from my trip to a cave just belove the Arctic Circle last weekend

This cave is called Grønligrotta and the waterfalls down there is just beautiful. My tripod was broken so I only had my own hands to help me out, but I just had to try;)
I just love this cave:)
The caves heart?
My husband in action;) He has become a good photographer, but of course, he's learning from me;) lol
On my way out I can see the light again and smell the wonderful air of the mountain:))
Yesteday I had my grandchild Leo in studio. It was very fun and you are going to see one of the photos soon.
Have a very nice weekend. I'll be visiting you this weekend. I promise:)

søndag 17. januar 2010

Just some photos from this weekend

This weeken I have been out in the cold for 3 phototrips. I like it and I have had a lot of fun:) Here's one photo for each day.

I love our waterfall. Now it's turned into ice and I think it's beautiful. Friday evening at 21.30 pm
Umbukta Fjellstue. At our mountain by the border to Sweden. Saturday early in the morning;)
Frost in our town down by the sea. Sunday around 12.00 o'clock

fredag 1. januar 2010

The first photos in 2010

Happy New Year:)

First of all, we didn't go to our cabin to celebrate The new year there. The reasen was that we was so lucky that our daughter asked us to look after her son, little Leo (our grandshild). We had e wonderful evening with him<3

My first photos in 2010 was of my dear grandchild Leo. He is my Prince of Heart and my dear Rock-buddy <3 <3 <3 He likes the same music as me and I just love it lol. Always when he discover that Bon Jovi's Living in a prayer are coming out of the speakers, he clap he's hands, the whole body is shaking and he has a big big smile on his lovely face <3 He call the song Wao-wao-wao and he says this words only when he listen to this song, And the words is exactly the same "words" the song starts with lol. And of course, we enjoy it together when the rest of the family is outdoors;) lol

Tomorrow we are going to our cabin, so let us hope for plenty of snow, many photos and a lovely weekend;)
Have a very nice weekend, my friends and have fun:) Hugs from me to you all:))

onsdag 30. desember 2009

Happy New Year:)

I wanna wish all of my blog-friends a Very Happy New Year and Have a Very Good Blog-Year in 2010:)
I'm littlebit early to wish Happy New Year but we are going to our cabin and spend the New years eve there. And my computer stay's at home;) I'm gonna miss you all;)
I hope 2010 will be the best year for you so far and that it will be healty and peacefully year all over the world and in our blog's:)
Big hug's from Pernille:))

torsdag 17. desember 2009

My grandchild in studio.... again;)

As you all know, I spend a lot of my time in my photo-club trying to learn something;) Last sunday I had to try a photoshoot with my grandchild. It was my first photoshoot alone in studio and I forgot all about shadows and everything;) Lol, but I learned a lot. I will not forget the next time;) Leo had a very nice time with me and we had a lot of fun:))))

lørdag 5. desember 2009

It's always fun to try something new;)

Sorry I havent been here for a week. Seems like my walk became very long;) Last thuesday I went down to join our photoclub, Rana Cameraclub. We should try something new. High Key-photo's:) I was very fun, but not so easy as I thought;) lol

My daughter HC helpt me out. She was a very kind model for her mum (she hate to be on this site of the camera;)) But I love to take photos of her:)
I really like this one. Wonder what she is thinking? I think it is: That's quite enogh, mum
This on I call: A women's dream

HC and to other models, Martine and Ingrid

At last, it's very important to have fun in studio

If you are able to join an cameraclub, just do it! It's very very fun:) You learn a lot there! Maby next time we going to shoot our town with the snow and christmase-stuff;)
Have a nice weekend, my friends:))