søndag 26. oktober 2008

Down by the fjord at our cabin

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Anne-Berit sa...

Du har riktig fått dreisen på å lage store bilder også.Kjempebra:o)

Rocky Mtn. Girl sa...

Great photos... such a beautiful area.. the water is so blue and pretty!!

RuneE sa...

Det første bildet ditt var virkelig bra - den store hytte/ferie/fjell/fiskekosen oser av det. Båten gjorde virkelig utslaget.

Og jeg kan forstå at du "digger" hunder!

PS Takk for koselig(e) kommentar(er)

Ferreira-Pinto sa...

Now this is a fantastic project!
What wonderful photos you have here.

Now I have a doubt: are you closing the other one?
If not, then I have another doub ... to what project shall I stick!

My daughter learning guitar is Sara (the one that was wearing the orange t-shirt on the photo of the twins) and I got her a teacher that lives nearby.
A young folk but that is a very skilled musician.
She takes weekly lessons and after a month (but don't forget I'm the Dad) I think she can already play nicely. Not a full song but parts ... we shall see what comes from there!

Ida sa...

Vakkert og stemningsfullt! :)

Migs CFL fan sa...

These two shots are outstanding. Thanks for sharing!

Regina In Pictures

The Tile Lady sa...

Really love that first photograph! Beautiful!

ninabakke sa...

Fine bilder :)